Display Home, Computer, & Trash Icons on Desktop in Gnome

So you find yourself with a desktop with no icons on it from reasons unknown. You either deleted the desktop icons or they were not there to begin with. Well do not fret, displaying the home folder, computer folder, and trash icon onto the desktop in gnome is very simple.
This tutorial may come in handy from time to time and is a very simple procedure, especially if you are like me and do not like having icons on the desktop on some days and then do like having the icons on others and the process goes as follows;Open the Configuration Editor by typing the following command in Terminal.


On the side will be a list of drop-down folders. Go through to the following.


From here, it is very self-explanatory. Check of the boxes located next to the icons you would like to display on your desktop. (computer_icon_visible, home_icon_visible, and trash_icon_visible) These changes will take place as soon as you check the boxes.

One Response to “Display Home, Computer, & Trash Icons on Desktop in Gnome”

  1. dv cool fuel Says:

    Thanks for this it was helpful to get Ubuntu to behave itself

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