Easily Install Nvidia Drivers Using Envy in Ubuntu

Installing Nvidia drivers may be a pain in the butt at first for some. Here I will provide a quick and alternative way to installing Nvidia drivers using a well-known tool Envy.To start off, let us download Envy from the following webpage.


If you want to get done with this quickly and you have a fairly new GeForce card, just download the following file (latest release as of 1/24/08).


Now simple run the program using the Debian package installer, GDebi. Once installation is done, go to the following folder found in your main menu.

Applications > System Tools > Envy

Finally click on ‘Install Nvidia Drivers’ and you are good to go. To finish things off, when it asks to configure the xorg.conf file, let it.Reboot your system and everything should be good to go. You should see an Nvidia logo when your system reboots.If not and you had corrupted the xorg.conf file, run the following command in shell:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

*BE SURE TO SELECT THE VESA DRIVER then repeat the steps mentioned above and you should be all set.

And there you go, the drivers are installed and you are ready to play your top 3D games in linux. If you are having performance issues, try to overclock the card!


3 Responses to “Easily Install Nvidia Drivers Using Envy in Ubuntu”

  1. bleepbleep Says:

    soooo easy! i was worried about this installation after all i had read previous to buying new hardware. 8800gt w/22 inch display on ubuntu 7.10 – worked like a charm. thanx.

  2. Hulk Says:

    When i run envy after installing Ubuntu ultimate 1.6 it shows this ” This systen is not supported” can anybody help me…

  3. OldBitByter Says:

    Here it is, almost a year later, I get same msg Hulk did, and he hasn’t gotten a reply. I’m kinda worried at this point.

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