How to Install Emulators on Ubuntu (NES Edition)


   Time to bring back the oldschool with the classic, Famicon.  The Famicon or the Nintendo Entertainment System, as it was known in the states, was a console of epic proportions.  It was the beginning of the never-ending journey of Final Fantasy and the addiction to saving everyones favorite princess, Zelda.  And now you can play all your favorite classics on linux.

There are multiple ways to installing an NES Emulator onto Ubuntu.  I am going to show you the quickest and easiest way to install my personal favorite, FCE Ultra.  If you are using an up-to-date version of Ubuntu this will be a painless install. First you will have to do is go to “Applications >> Add/Remove.”



29 Responses to “How to Install Emulators on Ubuntu (NES Edition)”

  1. Russell Says:

    Thank you.

  2. Mario Says:

    I’ve got a problem; when i try to play i must select a ROM filename, what’s that? what i have to choose?

    Thank you

  3. cyberpunky Says:

    Thanks smarty! I’m gonna use this on my PS3 Linux along with my Snes emulator. Going to mostly play Megaman

  4. Nachan Says:

    Hey, I did the steps, but the emulator wasn’t in my games folder 😦

  5. Eric Says:

    Hi– installed SNES and works great — but i cant get the NES to work. i can download the fce ultra but not the graphical interface. Im running Ubuntu on a dell mini 9, and it says the installation conflicts with another program. when i search for the problem it says i need alsa-oss, but it also says this cannot be installed.

    Im new to linux and was just wondering — can i just launch fce ultra via a script in the terminal like im doing for zsnes?


  6. Pelks Says:

    i have both the files but when i try playing a nes rom it wont work

  7. PowerPeeCee Says:

    OpenGL graphics are a little twitchy with compiz enabled 😦

  8. byll Says:

    GFCE constantly hard locks on me using my Dell mini 9 😦
    Not overheating, since I can peg CPU for hours with other progs no problem….

  9. ubuntu noob Says:

    ya, im new to ubuntu, i selected all available applications and everything but fce ultra doesnt show up. oh ya, im using the newest version of ubuntu

  10. Phil Says:

    Seems to be a bug ( it completely freezes in Ubuntu 9.04. Hope VirtuaNES works in wine, i need my nintendo games!!

  11. kevlaj23 Says:

    it have a lot of bug when i play mario brother

  12. chris Says:

    doesnt save games though, such as zelda or RPG’s

  13. marcos Says:

    thanks, but my audio seems to be slow and…crackley (that’s the best way i can put it, i guess). Any ideas on what it could be? FYI, i’m very new to linux.


  14. El Guille Says:

    it runs very very slow on my computer … and it is a core duo!! … gfceu sucks

  15. sam Says:

    hay when i try to open the input it only shows the bar ant none of the buttons so i cant change the buttons (a’b left right ect.) any help would be helpfull thks


  16. ryan Says:

    having some major problems with the sound. sounds extremely laggy

  17. pearldrums Says:

    I’ve been using GFCE for a while now and there appears to be a problem with ubuntu switching to the new sound drivers. anyone got any work around for this?

  18. Matt Says:

    This emualtor sucks dick! It always screws up the sound !

  19. Kadai Says:

    Or also, one can use from the console:
    sudo apt-get install gfceu

    None the less, this helped me to refresh myself from this very cool emulator I missed.

  20. aaron Says:

    I tried to do this but when I go to applications insted of add remove I have sortware center…not sure. I did find the two programs but how do you put the games in the games folder?

  21. Cyril Says:

    thanks man!! i just got play excite bike after so many years 😀

  22. Joris Says:

    any1 know a good page to download NES roms?

  23. Peter Says:

    i can’t find the download of this emulator it’s not in games???

  24. Salvador Says:

    Way to go!
    This way is much easier than I thought. Thanks a lot dude

  25. Mithun Says:

    Its great info

  26. Sachin Says:

    Thank You.
    I want to know that how can i run an emulator on ubuntu.

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